A flowerpot consisting of a pot and saucer made from a marble and resin mixture with added natural colorants. The tapered shapes of both pot and saucer are aligned to make for a minimalistic look. Holes in the pot allow any excess water to flow out to the saucer.

Different natural colorants: charcoal, coffee, concrete, sand, yellow ochre, red ochre, terre verte, Cyprus green, granit rose
Available in 2 sizes: small, large


diameter 12cm - height 12cm
price €20


diameter 15cm - height 15cm
price €28


A desk lamp made out of 3D printed parts and standard DIY materials.

There are 2 variants: table mount, table top


price €70 [including LED light bulb]


price €70 [including LED light bulb]


A pendant lamp made from laser cut MDF sheets with 3D printed cornerpieces. The inside is gold-painted, allowing a shiny glow from the light source through the gapped edges. The concept is inspired by Morrocan pendant lamps, that give a dim but intimate atmosphere with a play of shadows on the wall.

Available in 3 shapes: dodecahedron, icosahedron, rhombic dodecahedron


A platonic solid, having 12 regular pentagonal faces and 20 vertices. The term platonic solid is named after ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who hypothesized that the classical elements, earth, water, air, fire and aether, were made of these regular solids. There are even more metaphysical references to this solid, where I would gladly go on about, but maybe another time.

diameter 42cm - weight 1.2kg
price €70


Another platonic solid, having 20 equilateral triangular faces and 12 vertices. The icosahedron and dodecahedron are related, when you cut each vertex of an icosahedron in the middle of the edges, you end up with a dodecahedron.

diameter 42cm - weight 1.2kg
price €70


Sadly not a platonic solid, since all faces are made up of rhombuses or diamonds, not regular polygons. However combining rhombic dodecahedrons in the fourth dimension gives us a platonic fourth dimensional solid called a hyper-diamond. How cool is that?

diameter 42cm - weight 1.2kg
price €70