Dodecahedron is a young Ghent based designer who creates innovative furniture by combining the potential of 3D printing with simple materials, while keeping a focus on simplicity and practicality.



The need for a bedside light and the possession of a 3D printer ultimately led to the creation of this clamp-on lamp, which also fits perfectly as a desk lamp.

The lamp is made out of 3D printed parts, wood and DIY hardware. Its size depends solely on the lengths of the wooden slats allowing for maximum flexibility. Since the slats are never precisely measured, but are cut at a more or less random length, and due to the imperfections of the wood and 3D printed parts, every desk lamp is unique. The lamp can further be personalised by the choice of lamp shade and colour of electric cord.

Staande Lamp

This floor lamp has an intricate structure that lends itself to be DIYed and 3D printed seamlessly. The electric cord doubles as a suspension cable and, along with the printed hinges, can be adjusted, resulting in an adaptable floor lamp. Similar to the "Bureaulamp", the size depends on the chosen lengths of the wooden slats and the lamp can be personalised by the colour of electric cord.

The construction is a redesign of Kirschner3d's adaptation of the "Lampada a Stelo" by Kueng-Caputo inspired by Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione.


A sturdy table constructed out of wooden slats and 3D printed corner pieces. The truss legs are reminiscent of the metal hairpin legs in vintage furniture. The end product is a simple and stable work table that's not going to budge.


Toying with parametric formulas.

x = (d1/2*((d2/d1-1)*t+1)+(b2*sin(rp*phi/2)^2+b1)*sin(pi*t)^xp)*cos(phi+(tw*pi/180)*t)

y = (d1/2*((d2/d1-1)*t+1)+(b2*sin(rp*phi/2)^2+b1)*sin(pi*t)^xp)*sin(phi+(tw*pi/180)*t)

z = h*t